Mini Red Tournament March 2016: Rosie’s Last Tournament

On Sunday 26th March 2017 we held our 9th monthly tournament.. This one saw the return of two time champion Rosie after not competing in the last 2 tournaments. This was also going to be her last lesson and tournament at G

Getin2tennis as she is moving house so will no longer be able to come to lessons. So Rosie was keen to make it three tournament wins.

This tournament was so close with 2 joint place situations and only 8 points separating 1st and 5th. The results are:

5th : Thomas                                         23pts

4th: Naomi                                            29pts

Joint 3rd: Calin & Ethan                    30pts

JOINT 1st: ROSIE & AMY!!                 31pts

It was an incredible tournament and to show how close it was look at at the socres! A tournament of firsts as it is the first ever first joint win situation and not only that Amy won on her very first tournament, which has never been done. And Rosie won her third tournament too! AMAZING! Well done to everyone who took part! For Amy to win on her first tournament is a huge achievement as we could not be prouder!

It was a bit bitter sweet however as it was Rosie’s last lesson as she and her sister Charlotte are moving to Winchester so won’t be able to come anymore.

It has been wonderful having Rosie and Charlotte as part of the Getin2tennis family and they have both achieved so much. For Rosie to win three tournaments at her age is beyond amazing! Both Rosie and Charlotte have made a big impact on us and we will all miss them but wish them all the best for the future!

Rosie winning on her last tournament for Getin2tennis was the perfect way for her to end!

Well done Rosie and Charlotte on everything you have achieved, and all the best for the. next chapter! If you are ever back in the area, the door is always open if you want to visit!

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